Dimitri zofirov And Techmology

How to define Pixel Art? There is lots of pixel arts definition in the web, but the most common is that, it is commonly describe as a form of digital art. It is created through software, formed into images and edited in pixel levels. The graphics of pixel comes from 8-bit and 16-bit components of computers and game consoles. In some cases pixel art used palette color for limited sizes; some are using only two colors. Although the definition of the word pixel art is not concrete; however mass number of artists agree that the image can be categorized as pixel art; when the artist is exploiting the image with calculated control over the placing of the particular pixel. Its concept is a very similar with mosaic and embroidery but it’s made of digital artwork.  These are formed in constructive pictures out of small units of pixel into modern digital computing to a much bigger scale.

Pixel art was often used in older computer, icons in the Microsoft are made of pixel arts and the database used in the windows is also made of pixels.

The earliest pixel arts are from classic video games, specifically in arcade games and the Nintendo Games. Its characteristic has low color count image because of its limited number of color and space. That is the reason why the earliest pixel does not have much of colored graphics due to its limited storage and space. If you want to get more details about digital photography, you may visit on https://www.pinterest.com/athanassezafirov.

Drawing the pixel art is usually comes from the line art, which is the basis line that outlines the character. Line art will be traced over scanning which also resembles in painting.

DimitriZofirov said that the improvement of technology has made the pixel art to evolve too as it gives better point to the images and had attained great resolution of the graphics.