Plasma Cutter Reviews: Getting the Right Plasma Cutter

If your business requires you to purchase a plasma cutter, then it’s good that you get familiar with the different types and brands of plasma cutters and the unique features each manufacturer offers.  Plasma cutting technology is now becoming more advanced in order to make cutting more efficient and excellent in quality.

In this article, let us examine some of the famous and mostly recommended brands of plasma cutters. This plasma cutter reviews will somehow assist you in choosing the best plasma cutter.

Lotus Technology Non-Touch Plasma Cutter

If you want something with non-touch feature, then Lotus has it for you.  Featuring an arc that does not even touch your metal, you have a longer life for your consumables and of course a better cut as well.  It is compact and lightweight and is best when you are working outside your shop or you often transfer working station most of the time. If you want to know more about welding helmet reviews, you can find its details on

Super Deal USA Plasma Cutter

We all know that duty cycle is very important and has to be considered when it comes to choosing plasma cutter.  The Super Deal USA Plasma Cutter features its 60% duty cycle with an efficiency rating of 85%.  This means plenty of work for this type of plasma cutter.  It also features a pressure-reducing valve that allows you to cut down the range to 20 amps.

F2C 50A Plasma Cutter

What is usually applauded with F2C Plasma cutter is its price.  Compare to other brands, it is cheaper that you can’t almost believe that it can accommodate heavier plasma cutting needs.  It delivers 85% of efficiency and 60% duty cycle, great for plenty of projects in your shop. 

Hobart 50066 Air Force 40i Plasma Cutter

This plasma cutter offers a winning performance in cutting metals, steel, and other durable materials.  It can cut through mild steel with a thickness of 7/8. The cutting speed is great that allows you to finish more jobs in time.  If you are usually chased with bulk orders and deadlines, the Hobart 50066 air force is recommended for you.

With so many greatly manufactured plasma cutters today, it’s understandable that one may get confused on what to get.  Aside from the brands mentioned above, there are more products to choose from.  Always remember to consider what those that fits to your need before you purchase one.