Reaching Back for Precious Memories

There’s something special about this time of the year.  Thanksgiving approaches, and we all want to pause and express our gratitude for the blessings we’ve received during the year.  It’s the time when we can indulge in sports and activities that have been part of the family tradition for decades.  A time when we seek solace and comfort, reminders of what has been and what’s yet to come.  So many things can trigger memories of times gone by this time of year.  Just a glance at a Reid sofa from Design Within Reach can trigger memories of piling up on the comfy sofa at your grandparent’s house.  The wide-open spaces of Jackman morph into the side yard where you learned to ride a bike, then drive a car.  Catching your first fish, and the thrill of beating your older cousins at basketball in the back yard while the grownups prepared the holiday feast.  Was it really that long ago?

The folks at Design Within Reach understand those memories.  They are at the heart of everything they do.  They went in search of the classic designs of their youth, and found to their amazement the pieces were in Europe, but getting them into America presented the puzzle.  After some wrangling and relationship building, they began to bring those classic shapes and modern styles home.  Now, you can have them in your space, be it an office or studio, and enjoy the same iconic designs first introduced decades ago by the masters of modern design like Ray and Charles Eames, Eros Saarinen and Herman Miller.

Use a Groupon to secure the items you want from this company, and start your holiday off with the modern designs you’ve craved, but never thought would be within reach.  And note that there are ample accessories to decorate every room in the house and the spaces that surround it.  To make their furniture and designs even more affordable, they have teamed up with Groupon to offer deep discounts on all their merchandise.  You can save 10% off living room items, 20% off bedding and get free shipping with qualifying purchases.  Using a Groupon is as easy as tapping the app on your smart phone.  By the time you return home from your relaxing retreat in Jackman, your items will be waiting at your door.