How Does a Fish Finder Work?

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The functioning and the structure of a sonar are comparatively simple. Each unit includes first a so-called encoder. It is a structure of a conductive crystal and a mating housing. This device is capable of ultrasonic waves to produce and emit. The sound waves propagate in the water and bounce back from everything that gets in the way. The transmitter serves simultaneously as a kind of microphone. explains how those functions will help you catch the fishes.

Based on the duration until the sound waves return can be seen how far an obstacle is removed. The intensity reveals in turn, said it could be the obstacle. If virtually all sound waves reflected, as is usually the basic body of water reaches. But If only part of the sound waves back, so it could also be rock formations, shipwrecks, plants or even fish act.


How accurate the results are available, mainly depends on the frequency of the ultrasonic waves from. The higher the frequency, the more detail can be sensed as the encoder can operate with more sound waves. The disadvantage of a high frequency, however, is the relatively small range. Because the lower the frequency, the farther to the sound waves propagate. To the water depth at certain, therefore, are low-frequency vibrations recommended. Many fish finders also set equal to a two different frequencies to the advantages of both types to combine with each other.

When using sonar, in any case, the user’s expertise is in demand. Because the results of, measurement must always be interpreted correctly. While there are devices that already automatically do this part, but the predictions are never 100% accurate. The only experience reveals a fisherman, which he has conducted a measurement and what he must observe everything. It is important, for example, to determine the speed of sound in water.

This depends on several factors, such as the salinity of the water, the temperature, and the pressure. Only with a good starting value can be ultimate with the depth sounder and precise distance information calculated. Although fish finder thus gives an angler many advantages, they still cannot take over all the work.

When looking at the technology can also be seen that the name fish finder is not entirely correct. Because no device is actually certainly, findable fish. The echo sounders give only indications of possible shoals.

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